Friday, March 15, 2013

room redone

A series of before/after pictures:




halfway after

after, after, after, after, etc.
 close up. Ritz crackers, PB, and pastel floral box are not permanent.

 if you know me, you know I have an odd love for 1. statues like this of people. 2. especially old people. 3. cute old people.

the pile of b&w photos are for pasting up somewhere on the wall later, if I get the chance. they look nice on a pile too though. ;)

 ahhhhh. I still love it. (I know you're supposed to decorate in odd numbers... I don't plan things out very well so I hammered up three nails, realized it looked pretty bad so off centered and added another one.)

 instead of laying them on the floor in a pile.

 books sorted roughly by color.

 okay, my room isn't all sparkly clean. but where in the world am I supposed to pile the shoes other then the floor?

 clock as a jewelry holder? kind of tacky maybe. but I like it. a few more pictures will be added here when I find the cardstock again.
 full view of that wall.

 black and white in real life, not sepia. but you get the idea.

so that's it!

p.s. how odd, 11:10 must be the time to post things... seeing the last two posts.

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  1. I like all of the photos on your walls! Thanks so much for sharing.