Monday, June 2, 2014

white swan

It's been... a while. :) I decided to (very sparsely) photograph my last project so I could share it with y'all. For a tutorial, here's the one I followed:

This was a pretty make-shift, make-do project. We lost our cutting board, so I used large 4x thick paper, which probably dulled the rotary cutter. But I was desperate because there was no way I was cutting 15 or so yards of tulle in 2 in. strips by hand if I could help it.

I also don't have a dress form of any sort. I could really use one. Christmas is Dec. 25th. Fourth of July is in about a month. Is there a gift-giving holiday in June? There should be. Hint hint hint. ;)
So I made do again with a large empty roll of paper wrapped with a table cloth that I tied in knots so it wouldn't fall down.
What can I say, desperate times.

After doubling all the tulle in half over the elastic, I figured out that it was going to be really hard to sew that tulle down without sewing the elastic or, wait, how was I even supposed to be able to stretch the elastic if all the tulle was sewed tightly together? what? huh?

Word to the stupid. Read the whole tutorial before you do the next "simple" step that you think you can figure out. Figuring things out is great, but instructions are for saving time.
(I will probably not remember this.)

So I yanked out all the tulle and then the next day I followed the instructions. :-P

Aaaand, ta-da, finished product. It's so fluffy I'm going to - feel like an idiot wearing it.
I skipped pictures of cutting out knit fabric and hand sewing the head together... It looks a little funny, but people should be able to get the picture.

As to why I need a swan costume anyway, I needed something water-related for Joni and Friends camp this year, and decided to go with this. Might add some white feathers to my hair or the skirt part of it. :)

Maaaaaybe it won't be so long until another project is written about.

Monday, January 6, 2014

2013 - Happy Moments

Ice Fight and Fireworks
Picnics and Picking Flower
Aromas Coffee and the Old Market
Bonfires and Stars
Gourmet Hot Chocolate
Cinnamon Rolls and Encouragement
Picking up Coffee and Painting
Peaches and Summer Walks
Pistachios and Frozen Yogurt
Wishing Wells and Roller Coasters
Hugs and Heartfelt Talks
Blaring Music and Sunshine

Funnel Cakes and Muddy Rivers
Pie and Reading
Shopping and Monsters University
Summer Evening Walks and Life Talks
Pizza and Ice Cream and Pedestrian Bridge

Casual Coffee and Relaxed Smiling
Spices and Tea 
Shopping and Monsters University
Oceanside and Cheese and Apples
Niagra Falls Mist
Pie Irons and Panoramas
Donuts and Hay Rides
Ice Cream and Sparkling Grape Juice
Hard Lemonade and Spinning(?) Chairs
Sweet Old People and Summer Slushies
Pillow Fights and Comfortable Silence
Hot Pizza and Slicing Apples
Ferris Wheels and Funnel Cakes
Dodgeballs and Coffee and 40’s and Exploring
Frisbee in the Summer Rain
Hot Chocolate and Candles
Stripes and Boba Smoothies
Accordions and Big Sweaters
Felt Hats and Puppy Chow
"Road Trip" by Myself :)
Lake Michigan Shore and New Friends

Kayaking in the Sun
Long Phone Conversation while Driving
Movie Theater and Walk through LeMars
Starbucks and Storms
Fancy Dresses and Fireplace
Sitting on the Kitchen Floor with Coffee

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


   Well friends, I'd say my Etsy Shop is "officially" open. I finally took pictures that I'm at least content with, though there's lots of room for improvement. Maybe I can figure out better lighting next time.
   With time things should get easier. :) Give me any tips you think of for improvement!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

bits and pieces

walking up the hill toward perfection
I know we'll never arrive, but
we're adding memories to our collections
we're doing more than, more than survive

the sun doesn't rise
it leaps
the stars don't fall
they dive
let's not just politely nod and live,
Let's Run, Laugh, Thrive


driving through
low clouds
flashes of white
like we're

brought the sky
down to me
and made me smile


it's the morning's
golden hour
dew washed windows
sparkling grass
shining trees
and I,
I'm sitting here
in the calm beauty
making coffee stains on envelopes
and hugging my knees
how can life be
so madly
when there is


Thursday, July 25, 2013

judgment and grace

   Man, conservative people or so judgmental. I just really can't stand being around them sometimes. They're really legalistic and just don't give people grace.  

   That's the first thing I usually hear when I mention "really" conservative people to anyone who's not "really conservative".

   In a way, I get it. People can go a little "crazy" when they're talking about their rights to bear arms. People can really get into their debates about politics. And some people sure do enjoy their theology.

   But I've seen the people on the other end of the spectrum go a little "crazy" when they're talking about their rights to tattoos, or whatever. The same people who are complaining can really get into their debates about legalism or church authority. And some of those people sure do enjoy grace, sometimes to the extent of never condemning people's actions - ever.

   Don't get me wrong. I sure do enjoy grace. God's grace amazes me every day. He has forgiven me beyond anything I could dare to ask for without the blood of His Son.
   So I can "get it". We're all climbing the hill toward perfection, and on a lot of issues, if I've talked to "you" and I know you are honestly trying to grow in the Lord and serve Him, I don't care where you've been. Judging you on your past isn't right when God has forgiven and blotted out mine. And in regards to a lot of things, if you're trying to follow the Bible, I'm not going to tell you "You're a sinner!" just because I disagree with you on theological points or views on what's legalistic and what's not. Love covers a multitude of sins.
    And, with God's grace I will be able to look at your opinion from the perspective of God's Word and humbly try to see if I'm the one who's wrong.

   But I also don't get it. We're all climbing the hill toward perfection. Including the super-conservative people. Including the people who you think are judgmental. You're complaining about the fact that "they don't give enough grace", but do you give grace to them?
   Maybe there is pride and legalism and judgement. But maybe there's also pride in resisting "super conservative" views and throwing them off your back. Maybe they're honestly just trying to confront you in hopes of encouraging you towards righteousness. So both sides should humbly look toward the scriptures during discussions to constantly check if their beliefs are aligned with God's word.
   You are trying to sanctify. They are trying to sanctify. In the same way you think they're scorning your beliefs on God-given freedom, you're scorning their beliefs on God's laws and desires.

   Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.
   So come on. Before you judge on appearances, learn their heart. And before you judge on "legalism", learn their heart.
   We're sinners in need of humility. We're sinners in need of a Savior. We're sinners in need of grace.

   So be humble in your confrontation and encouragement. Be humble in your response to people who very well might be, or at least seem, legalistic. Do encourage your Christian Family toward growing in God's word. But give grace to your brothers and sisters in Christ, whether they're pierced, tattooed, long-haired, recovering, always-raising-people's-eyebrows, wanting-to-please-God-Christians... or whether they're denim-jumper, tucked in polo, strong-opinioned, sheltered, home-schooled, wanting-to-please-God-Christians.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

black & white & sunflowered

I started off with four matching napkins. ^

And sewed 3 together.

Cut a neckhole in the fourth.

Gathered the first three and sewed them to the two sides of the fourth.

Added this just-right button to the back middle hem.

Not to my surprise, the shirt is really airy and poofy (so nice and cool, but also not /super/ flattering) but I really like it. :D It also reminds me mostly of a dress a 5 year old would have. But... I don't care. :)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

splatter and gingham

Two recent projects I've finished recently: 

The "Splatter Skirt" :-/weirdname/-: has been sitting around for probably a year. Yeah.

^ the tools used.

This skirt used to be a pair of pants. with paint stains. So I added more paint stains after cutting it up and changing it into a skirt. WITH POCKETS.

Now I'm just hoping the paint doesn't come out of ya in the wash, skirt. And then it's an Etsy Listing for you. 
It's so comfy I almost want to keep it...
p.s. I can't see the future.
p.p.s. the future does not involve dordt college.

And now, the "gingham twirl" skirt. EDIT: I just realized "plaid" might be a better description. Miles from perfect pictures, but you'll have to bear it or close the tab.

I took a boring brown skirt I had and added character.
Character synonyms in this circumstance:
Trim made from an old shirt.

You would probably believe that it's slightly dangerous to try spinning really fast on a chair.