Thursday, June 21, 2012

matter of fact

matter of fact
this is the way
dry eyes
they're calm

matter of fact
address everyone
the same
they're polite

matter of fact
say what's needed
nothing more
they're serious

matter of fact
avoiding their
eyes and smiles
they're steady

matter of fact
but inside they want
to venture farther
try harder

matter of fact
moving on
like nothing's wrong

in fact
   it matters


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dated Rose?

This color seems pretty dated to me, but I think it could be pretty, if I style it right.

I took an old spaghetti strap dress, who knows how old... (and you can't see the bodice in this pic.) :-p

And made it into a maxi skirt! Looks better without the Pixar green+plaid flannel combination.

Also looks better in a clean mirror and ironed. Though I haven't tried that yet.

I just cut off the bodice, took out the zipper + sewed up the seam; took a couple inches off to get rid of a stain near the other seam, and then last but not least, (after changing the needle multiple times because the stitch was acting up) I finally got the waist band to have a little character. :)

Casual Blue

No before pictures. I made this dress a couple months ago... from an old, long-sleeved, x-xx-large, maternity shirt.

And now, today I'm going to wear it bowling. It's super comfy. Works best with belt and leggings; works okay with jeans, but not super well.

Remakes of Remakes

So I remade two things. And they didn't turn out well. So I remade them again. And they turned out better.

I took about 5 button up shirts that I never wear, cut them up, and made some sort of skirt out of them. It was long, like I wanted, but it poofed weird since the last 5 lines were a lot poofier than the first 3.

 So, I took the top three tiers off and just made a shorter skirt out of it. One that doesn't pucker oddly. Excuse the blurry picture and the jeans underneath.

Here is a skirt I made from a pair of jeans I got for a buck, and an old wedding dress that we've had in our dress up clothes for a LONG time. I like the look of lace and denim together, but this skirt just didn't work. They weren't the right size to go together really.

So, I took the denim off and added elastic. Much better, and I absolutely love the result. :)



Thursday, June 14, 2012

certain smell of summer

(because it's the only semi-decent thing I've written in the last few months.)

musky hay
in the fading hours
and that
certain smell of summer
in the air
enveloping dusty wildflowers

dirt and fields
mixed with wood
and that
certain smell of childhood
in the air
drifting in the heat's breeze
moving through
the tangled trees

forget to breathe

breathe in
breathe again
breathe that
certain smell of summer
through your heart