Wednesday, November 28, 2012

How To Be Awkward

in 9 easy steps

1. Always button the top button.

2. Always give forced smiles.

3. Always wear jeans that are too short.

Tennis shoes or flats, either way you can achieve the awkwardness.

4. Always wear colors that really have good contrast.

5. Be creative! Mix prints! Mix plaids!

 6. Always wear hoodies with the misshapen zippers.

 7. If you have a shirt that is too short, just wear a really long shirt underneath.

 8. Wear denim on denim, preferably different shades.

 9. Last but never least, ALWAYS tuck in your shirt.


Friday, November 23, 2012

mend it

These were my favorite jeans, but they received holes in them when I dived on a skating rink toward my unconscious brother... But that's a different story.

I'd still like to wear them, at least at home, so...

I tried to "creatively" mend them... I like the outcome of one knee, but not the other one. ;)

I like this one, because it's small enough where it's not too noticeable in the first place that there even is a hole...

This one is just huge. I think I'll whip the sides together yet to make it smaller.

Other then that... I'm okay with the outcome. On a scale of 1-10, I'm a 7 on these.

And I guess if you're wondering how it was done: scrap of old shirt + scrap of other old shirt (the same one used for the lace&brown) Cut to fit, and then sewn to the inside seams.


In other news, Thanksgiving was good for the most part; I'm on my 6th day of a headache, but drinking some kind of tonic makes me absolutely miserable for 5 minutes, then feel better for (I'm hoping) at least a couple hours.

Yesterday I mostly was thinking, "I'm thankful for ibuprofen. I'm thankful for ibuprofen. This ibuprofen isn't working, but I'm thankful for it. And the fact that I am *usually* healthy."

Vying for the world record of the longest cold here, though. ;)

Monday, November 5, 2012


       Sorry for all the close ups. :p Didn't realize the camera wasn't back far enough. I have the flu, so I look crummy, but I sat down and started playing around with the first little tune that came to mind.
       This is how I "compose", and if I like it, I make it better and more steady. Hopefully. It's a way to remember the parts I like. And delete ALL THE REPETITIVENESS. Or at least most of it.
       Enjoy, if you can. Just leave the tab open and look at something else while you listen. ;) When I concentrate I forget to close my mouth all the way. :p