Monday, March 4, 2013


I like to think I'm gracious; prone to forgive readily. Slow to judge because I've been found wanting and I'm pardoned.

But looking at others I think, "I can see the pride behind their actions" when the one with pride is behind my condemning eyes.

Unless your morals are identical to mine, or unless I really like you right away, I'll find a fault or two with you and think, "I'm better," when NO. No, no. I'm not.

Maybe because they look more in-control. Or maybe they seem more sanctified. Or maybe they just seem popular. So I try to make excuses;
They must be putting on a front. Their motives must be wrong. They're always looking for attention. Because they couldn't actually be nicer and better then me! NO. No, no. They probably are.

Pride is what is making me cynical of Children of God.

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