Monday, July 30, 2012

i do not claim to be a photographer

...but I do enjoy photography, or "taking pictures", once in a while.

best is the fact that Sandy still has her tongue out, and Will looks like he grew a tail.

Friday, July 27, 2012

nautical stripes

 Here's a tshirt. Inside out. The front had words on it, and I just wanted stripes.

And it had this crazy thing where it was longer in the back. :-p

Even inside out, you could still see the words through the shirt... and there was stain. So I turned it backwards...

And cut out a neckhole. (if you'll look back at picture 2 you'll see that there was basically guidelines already.) So here's the shirt inside out and backwards with the neck cut out.

Then I took off the sleeves to use as pocket/s and made the hem even. Also, took in the sides a few inches.

This was one of those annoying shirts where the seams aren't even and it fits funny. I just pinned it so it fit and then pretended that the triangle-thing is a new style.

I didn't notice until later, but there was a small stain on the "back/new-front" of the shirt, so I put a pocket there out of the sleeve. It's a little too centered, but it had to be to cover the stain. Hey, it works.

And hey- NAVY BLUE AND WHITE STRIPES! With a pocket! Some of my favorite things. :) Also, I don't need to layer it (surprise, the white is thick enough) and it's comfortable. And it's long enough. And it looks at least somewhat cool. ;) I think it's one of my favorite re-fashion things so far.

pink "gingham"

 An old button up shirt of Mom's. Possibly maternity? I was going to cut it down and make a different type of shirt out of it, but then I noticed that there were tons of stains on the front... so that wasn't going to work.

Changed to a bag! Since they're fairly easy to make. This one took more work then that blue plaid one.
Basically I cut out two large semi circles, sewed them to make the bag, then sewed elastic around the rim to make the bag be gathered.

 I used the button up part as the "shoulder" part of the bag.

And I added a pocket! That's probably the best thing. I love pockets. :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

scrap rug

Used the leftover scraps from the color-block dress I made and turned them into a rug. It took me hours. Don't expect me to ever do it again. :)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

five minute bag


Take a sleeveless shirt you don't wear.
Turn it inside out.
Sew the hems together.

And there you have it.

I cut off the bottom of mine to use for a headband, and then I flipped the shirt 1/4th of the way around so the side seams were matched. That way the handles of the bag will be in the right spot.

I loved the color of the shirt, but I didn't feel like I could wear it much. I'll use it more now. :)

Friday, July 13, 2012

striped headphones

This is what I pretend is fashion sense when I'm just going to be home alone all day. Ahahaha.
Mostly it's just proof that I got a smile on during the TWO SECOND RUN!

And here's the actual news of the day.

I finished decorating my earbuds! Whoopdedo, it's about time I finished. It took a LONG TIME.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

color blocked

There's about a dozen different tshirts that I just don't wear that often. Or at all. But the Sentimental Pack Rat in me can't bear to get rid of them for, well, Sentimental reasons. usually. :-p It's ridiculous.

But the SPR in me doesn't mind cutting these aforementioned tshirts up and resewing them, so that's what I did.

Into a dress. A casual every day type dress.

I still have to wear a slip and tank under it though, which is sorta annoying, but oh well. I'm almost always cold anyways, unless I'm outside.

 Excuse the awkward wrinkles and even more awkward I-just-woke-up expression. (I was basically home alone today, so I got extra sleep.) :-D 
And the awkward expression is from Seth's Camera's TWO SECOND timer. maybe there's a way to change it.

But seriously? I can hardly run across the room and turn around in two seconds, there's no way I could manage to move my facial muscles during that time too. ;)

Anyways. Wearing this dress away tonight, and earlier I went outside for 20-30 minutes so now I have a slight awkward farmer's tanline that looks like this: / instead of _ because of the sleeves.

Such is life. Also, dumb hair.

I'm eating a banana with my favorite peanut butter, topped with milk chocolate chips and mini marshmallows. (could've skipped those.)

Just thought you'd want to know.