Monday, January 6, 2014

2013 - Happy Moments

Ice Fight and Fireworks
Picnics and Picking Flower
Aromas Coffee and the Old Market
Bonfires and Stars
Gourmet Hot Chocolate
Cinnamon Rolls and Encouragement
Picking up Coffee and Painting
Peaches and Summer Walks
Pistachios and Frozen Yogurt
Wishing Wells and Roller Coasters
Hugs and Heartfelt Talks
Blaring Music and Sunshine

Funnel Cakes and Muddy Rivers
Pie and Reading
Shopping and Monsters University
Summer Evening Walks and Life Talks
Pizza and Ice Cream and Pedestrian Bridge

Casual Coffee and Relaxed Smiling
Spices and Tea 
Shopping and Monsters University
Oceanside and Cheese and Apples
Niagra Falls Mist
Pie Irons and Panoramas
Donuts and Hay Rides
Ice Cream and Sparkling Grape Juice
Hard Lemonade and Spinning(?) Chairs
Sweet Old People and Summer Slushies
Pillow Fights and Comfortable Silence
Hot Pizza and Slicing Apples
Ferris Wheels and Funnel Cakes
Dodgeballs and Coffee and 40’s and Exploring
Frisbee in the Summer Rain
Hot Chocolate and Candles
Stripes and Boba Smoothies
Accordions and Big Sweaters
Felt Hats and Puppy Chow
"Road Trip" by Myself :)
Lake Michigan Shore and New Friends

Kayaking in the Sun
Long Phone Conversation while Driving
Movie Theater and Walk through LeMars
Starbucks and Storms
Fancy Dresses and Fireplace
Sitting on the Kitchen Floor with Coffee