Thursday, May 16, 2013

for the babies

 So for D & R's and J & J's new little kids, I decided to try something semi new and... make teddy bears! Okay, that's not really new. I made one before for NJ's birthday...

  ...but these are different. They're, uh... funnier looking.

 But they're striped and have sweet ribbon bow ties!

 Before I decided on the bears, I made this skirt for D&R's. However, it ended up with a few minor problems, plus I didn't know how long it would fit her anyway...

So I'll probably give it to my niece K on her birthday instead. as a doll skirt.

That's it. :)

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

woven rug

I loved this project. I'll probably have early onset arthritis because of it, but I love how it turned out, so I don't mind.
Stop looking at my weird toes.

All the fabric I used was given to me for free, so that was a plus. It took a LOT more fabric then I expected. Quite a few yards, in the end. About 100 two-inch x 5 foot strips of fabric. YIKESA.

After braiding all the fabric together after tearing it into strips (4 hours?) I glued it onto a thicker lime green material (1 hour?) and then I handstitched the braids to the lime-green-material so the braids wouldn't unravel. THAT took 2-3 hours and very sore fingertips.

But now it's done! And I'm so happy with it. :) It was worth it. I carry it around like a little baby, even though it's sturdier.

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Saturday, May 4, 2013

memories on wood

Just one picture this time, but don't really need more then that. This is my birthday gift for Dad- graduation picture of me getting my diploma. :) One of my fave pics of Dad and I. 

I followed this straightforward pinterest picture tutorial, and it really worked *super* I wonder how it would work with a colored picture; our printer only prints in b&w, so I probably won't have the chance to find out. The gel-medium was more expensive then I would have liked, but there's plenty left for a lot more of these. :)

The wood plaque was from Hobby Lobby (favorite craft store, guys. ever.) and if I remember right it was only around $3.

Aaaaaanyway. Not much interesting to say about this really. I LOVE IT though, and show it to everyone who's name isn't Dad. :)

Friday, May 3, 2013

hobby horse

Pretty self-explanatory. Made this for K's birthday. Might switch out the blue rubber band for some yarn... If I made another one I would change the nose and add something to the ear to make it stiffer. 
Otherwise, I'm very happy with it. :) 

( Should've thought to do a "front view" picture instead of 3 identical side pictures. :-/ )

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