Monday, January 28, 2013


fog thick as
whipped cream
we’re sailing off the edge of the world
cold tea in
sloppy mugs
soggy tea bag swirled

waterfall mist
without the roar
skyscrapers rise where none were before
thoughts clearer than
the damp gray day
and smashed grass wet to the core

poultry smell of
winter soup
bare sunlight did not overstay
is that you in
my mind
or just the dim wind
inspiring, lazy-amazing day

fog, books, tea

This is my kind of day.

It could be better, of course, if my tea was hot all the way down the rounded edges of my mug. Or if the chocolate bucket was beside me along with a good sized spoon. Or if my book wasn't so daunting.

But you can hardly go wrong with fog, tea, chocolate, books, hair up, plaid, boots, mist, and researching to keep you busy.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

snow globes and cell phones

You know you've always wanted a pair of Martha Mahinsky glasses.

Since I am stuck with a flip phone, (and becoming more content with it with every minute I think of how much $$$$ out of my pocket it would take for an iPhone) I decided I'd try to snaz (that's not a word?) it up with some nail polish.
The nice thing? I can get out the polish remover and change the design whenever I want.

I made a snow globe with NJ from a pizza sauce jar, an old ornament, water, and glitter. I love it. :D Maybe because the glitter is sparkly. Maybe because I love Winnie the Pooh. (Probably that.)

Today was the type of day to wear floral with stripes and say it works. I walked into the laundry room where Michael was working on his car engine. I was wearing a plaid shirt over the stripes and I said, "Say hello to style!!!"
Michael looks at me with a blank face for three seconds.
"...Hi." he says.

Snow Globe in the Sunlight.

Today is an adventure because;

I had a homemade donut, yogurt, and granola for breakfast.
Stripes with floral.
The sun is shining.
I drank non-folgers out of a thick fat yellow & blue mug.
I'm going to read.
I might sew.
Garlic Basil grilled cheese with Spaghetti sauce.

Monday, January 7, 2013

the proof

The proof of the Christian worldview is that, without it, you couldn't prove anything.
 -Greg Bahnsen