Monday, June 2, 2014

white swan

It's been... a while. :) I decided to (very sparsely) photograph my last project so I could share it with y'all. For a tutorial, here's the one I followed:

This was a pretty make-shift, make-do project. We lost our cutting board, so I used large 4x thick paper, which probably dulled the rotary cutter. But I was desperate because there was no way I was cutting 15 or so yards of tulle in 2 in. strips by hand if I could help it.

I also don't have a dress form of any sort. I could really use one. Christmas is Dec. 25th. Fourth of July is in about a month. Is there a gift-giving holiday in June? There should be. Hint hint hint. ;)
So I made do again with a large empty roll of paper wrapped with a table cloth that I tied in knots so it wouldn't fall down.
What can I say, desperate times.

After doubling all the tulle in half over the elastic, I figured out that it was going to be really hard to sew that tulle down without sewing the elastic or, wait, how was I even supposed to be able to stretch the elastic if all the tulle was sewed tightly together? what? huh?

Word to the stupid. Read the whole tutorial before you do the next "simple" step that you think you can figure out. Figuring things out is great, but instructions are for saving time.
(I will probably not remember this.)

So I yanked out all the tulle and then the next day I followed the instructions. :-P

Aaaand, ta-da, finished product. It's so fluffy I'm going to - feel like an idiot wearing it.
I skipped pictures of cutting out knit fabric and hand sewing the head together... It looks a little funny, but people should be able to get the picture.

As to why I need a swan costume anyway, I needed something water-related for Joni and Friends camp this year, and decided to go with this. Might add some white feathers to my hair or the skirt part of it. :)

Maaaaaybe it won't be so long until another project is written about.