Thursday, December 6, 2012


 DIY Kitten Pillow :)

I drew out a head and pinned it onto my fabric; I ended up using the suede skirt from this post. (Click. Last pictures there.) I really liked how it turned out with the suede being so soft. :)

I have a tendency to cut out a lot of my things on a bed... It's just a comfy place to sit. :) BUT I have cut into sheets before doing that. And I've cut into my own clothes when I have the fabric in my lap. Not the smartest thing ever.

I used Leftover brown felt for the forehead/stripe and whiskers/mouth...

And buttons for the eyes and nose! I also sewed some blue tshirt scraps behind the eyes as a little addition. :)

Got the idea from this other blog's post. (<Link) I think I like the softness/roundness of mine better, but I love the polka dots and textures in theirs.

I wonder if my artistic abilities would stretch far enough to make a dog... Or a monkey! That could be fun. :D

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