Monday, December 3, 2012

Book of Notes - Christmas Gifts #1

     I don't think Sha'rel reads my blog, so this should be fairly safe. SHA'REL, DON'T READ THIS POST. There.

     So here we dive in- Christmas gifts! I have a couple finished ones that I might share over the course of December. :)

     Gift Number One: to Sha'rel, my friend of Whole-Life.

     Book of Notes.

     As of now I am using a hairtie to keep the thing shut, but it'll turn into a ribbon or so later on.


     I must have confused blogger; it uploaded half these horizontals as verticals. Here's a little peek of what's inside. :) Left page: memory. Right page: Valentine her siblings gave me.

     Left page: memory. Right page: Coloring page she gave me.

     Making this book for someone would be pretty hard to do most of the time; I didn't want to use any letters really, but I didn't have a billion pictures to fill the pages with... so I used a lot of different pictures we drew and little notes or stories we had written.  This page: Old pictures of us & our "old sayings".

     Throw in a little bit of random, some colorful markers, a couple of in-jokes, some new notes/letters from me, and there you go... A scrapbook/book of notes as a Christmas gift!

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