Friday, November 23, 2012

mend it

These were my favorite jeans, but they received holes in them when I dived on a skating rink toward my unconscious brother... But that's a different story.

I'd still like to wear them, at least at home, so...

I tried to "creatively" mend them... I like the outcome of one knee, but not the other one. ;)

I like this one, because it's small enough where it's not too noticeable in the first place that there even is a hole...

This one is just huge. I think I'll whip the sides together yet to make it smaller.

Other then that... I'm okay with the outcome. On a scale of 1-10, I'm a 7 on these.

And I guess if you're wondering how it was done: scrap of old shirt + scrap of other old shirt (the same one used for the lace&brown) Cut to fit, and then sewn to the inside seams.


In other news, Thanksgiving was good for the most part; I'm on my 6th day of a headache, but drinking some kind of tonic makes me absolutely miserable for 5 minutes, then feel better for (I'm hoping) at least a couple hours.

Yesterday I mostly was thinking, "I'm thankful for ibuprofen. I'm thankful for ibuprofen. This ibuprofen isn't working, but I'm thankful for it. And the fact that I am *usually* healthy."

Vying for the world record of the longest cold here, though. ;)

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