Monday, November 5, 2012


       Sorry for all the close ups. :p Didn't realize the camera wasn't back far enough. I have the flu, so I look crummy, but I sat down and started playing around with the first little tune that came to mind.
       This is how I "compose", and if I like it, I make it better and more steady. Hopefully. It's a way to remember the parts I like. And delete ALL THE REPETITIVENESS. Or at least most of it.
       Enjoy, if you can. Just leave the tab open and look at something else while you listen. ;) When I concentrate I forget to close my mouth all the way. :p


  1. Girl, you. Are. So. Talented. Seriously. And really? How do you look that good when you're sick? Your smile is beautiful. And your piano playing is lovely.
    Get better fast so I can see you Friday!

  2. That is AMAZING!!! I LOVE it!! =) =) =)

    ~Jaime Lynn