Wednesday, July 17, 2013

splatter and gingham

Two recent projects I've finished recently: 

The "Splatter Skirt" :-/weirdname/-: has been sitting around for probably a year. Yeah.

^ the tools used.

This skirt used to be a pair of pants. with paint stains. So I added more paint stains after cutting it up and changing it into a skirt. WITH POCKETS.

Now I'm just hoping the paint doesn't come out of ya in the wash, skirt. And then it's an Etsy Listing for you. 
It's so comfy I almost want to keep it...
p.s. I can't see the future.
p.p.s. the future does not involve dordt college.

And now, the "gingham twirl" skirt. EDIT: I just realized "plaid" might be a better description. Miles from perfect pictures, but you'll have to bear it or close the tab.

I took a boring brown skirt I had and added character.
Character synonyms in this circumstance:
Trim made from an old shirt.

You would probably believe that it's slightly dangerous to try spinning really fast on a chair.

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