Friday, July 27, 2012

nautical stripes

 Here's a tshirt. Inside out. The front had words on it, and I just wanted stripes.

And it had this crazy thing where it was longer in the back. :-p

Even inside out, you could still see the words through the shirt... and there was stain. So I turned it backwards...

And cut out a neckhole. (if you'll look back at picture 2 you'll see that there was basically guidelines already.) So here's the shirt inside out and backwards with the neck cut out.

Then I took off the sleeves to use as pocket/s and made the hem even. Also, took in the sides a few inches.

This was one of those annoying shirts where the seams aren't even and it fits funny. I just pinned it so it fit and then pretended that the triangle-thing is a new style.

I didn't notice until later, but there was a small stain on the "back/new-front" of the shirt, so I put a pocket there out of the sleeve. It's a little too centered, but it had to be to cover the stain. Hey, it works.

And hey- NAVY BLUE AND WHITE STRIPES! With a pocket! Some of my favorite things. :) Also, I don't need to layer it (surprise, the white is thick enough) and it's comfortable. And it's long enough. And it looks at least somewhat cool. ;) I think it's one of my favorite re-fashion things so far.

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  1. Such a cute blog! I love all your refashions!