Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Remakes of Remakes

So I remade two things. And they didn't turn out well. So I remade them again. And they turned out better.

I took about 5 button up shirts that I never wear, cut them up, and made some sort of skirt out of them. It was long, like I wanted, but it poofed weird since the last 5 lines were a lot poofier than the first 3.

 So, I took the top three tiers off and just made a shorter skirt out of it. One that doesn't pucker oddly. Excuse the blurry picture and the jeans underneath.

Here is a skirt I made from a pair of jeans I got for a buck, and an old wedding dress that we've had in our dress up clothes for a LONG time. I like the look of lace and denim together, but this skirt just didn't work. They weren't the right size to go together really.

So, I took the denim off and added elastic. Much better, and I absolutely love the result. :)



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