Saturday, January 7, 2012

northwest travels

The night’s black, it’s dark
Strips of road lines flash by
And we’re on a conveyor belt
Straight red lights, blinking, tall
And shadows of imagined homes
The roving, circling, rotating beacon
Flashing overhead as I count seconds
Small town signs, cafes, half-lit streets
Roads I’ve traveled more times than you


  1. More times than me? I don't know about that ... ;) I like the poem, however, especially the conveyor belt imagery. Very creative. I also like how each line is about two letters longer than the one above it - incidental, I assume, but still. ;)

  2. More times than practically anyone else that will read it. ;-) And depending on the roads, who knows?
    And once I started making each line a little bit longer I had to keep doing it, for the most part. ;-) Your comments are sweet and appreciated. <3 Thank you!